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Rescue with PWC
Theoretical & practical course entirely face-to-face. The classes are taught directly at the beach and harbor.
Deadline open all year. Registration on the waiting list and once the group is formed, we personally agree on the date.
Groups of 6 students to work with 2 PWC and 2 instructors. We prioritize quality over quantity.
22 hours entirely face-to-face, distributed over two and a half days. Intensive weekend format. Flexible scheme.
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  • Perfil del alumno
  • Requisitos
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Making a newObjetive

Rescue with PWC

Effective rescue and government of nautical PWC destined to the rescue and aquatic lifeguard watching over the physical integrity of skipper and crew, execute rescue maneuvers in conditions of security for third parties, always preserving a disciplined attitude and respect for the environment.

  •     Properly execute the preparatory protocols for the commissioning of both the rescue nautical PWC and the proper endowment of its use in first aid.
  •     To value the advantages that the nautical PWC offers as a professional rescue tool in certain environments.
  •     Auxiliary supervision and maintenance operations that guarantee the durability of the resource and respect for the environment.
  •     Execute specific techniques for the management of the nautical PWC in calm and breaking waters. Control of external variables to preserve the government of the vessel.
  •     Promote a responsible, diligent and efficient service of the employer in both preventive and emergency.
  •     Rescue of conscious or unconscious victim according to the specific technique that each environment requires. With and without a lifeguard.

Making a newStudent profile

  • Aquatic lifeguard
  • Ship skippers.
  • Volunteers of Civil Protection or Red Cross.
  • Law enforcement, firefighters, military or rescue groups.
  • Watersports.

Making a newRequirements

  • Sufficient navigation license (Motonautics A, PNB, PER or higher)
  • Know how to swim with fluency.
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Skills for teamwork and leadership in adverse environments.
  • Recommended Lifeguard in Natural Aquatic Spaces or First Aid.

Making a newInstructors

Teachers team

The JetGalicia teaching team is made up of water rescue professionals with more than a decade of experience participating in many disciplines related to first aid and navigation. Specialized in the Rescue PWC as a quick intervention tool since 2011 JetGalicia maintains a very close link with giant wave surfing. This discipline offers us a real training environment in adverse and extreme conditions. The knowledge acquired by the student in thePWC Rescue Course is the result of years of refining techniques and protocols with the complexities of the coast of Galicia. Our teaching team has already trained more than 150 lifeguards working on the beaches of our coast. We also participate periodically with WSL events coordinating aquatic safety for surfing championships, giant surfing, kayaking, swimming crossings, diving or regattas.

Making a newContent


Contents related to the competence unit MF2048_2 and MF2049_2 “Maintenance, conservation, control and management of nautical PWC destined to aquatic lifeguard”

  1.      The rescue PWC and its specific endowment.
  2.      Security elements and communications protocol.
  3.      Pre-service checklist
  4.      Meteorology.
  5.      Cartography and wave behavior.
  6.      PWC rescue government in calm waters or surveillance.
  7.      PWC rescue government on breakers and safe navigation between waves.
  8.      Specific techniques of victim recovery.
    1.       Conscious / unconscious victim
    2.        With and without lifeguard
    3.        Calm or breaking waters.
  9.      Man to water.
  10.      Adrizaje.
  11.      Maintenance, control and conservation of the rescue PWC.
  12.      Responsible management and actions of respect for the environment.

Making a newLength


The course has a total duration of 22 hours with an intensive format of 3 days a split day.

  • Day 1 (Friday): from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m
  • Day 2 (Saturday): from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Day 3 (Sunday): from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The proposed scheme is flexible to modify. Groups of 6 seats. The evaluation is continuous and sufficient competence must be demonstrated in all the techniques learned. You can only miss 10% of the course provided the lack is duly justified. At the end of the course will be delivered the corresponding diploma.

Making a newPrize

Per student

€ 395

It includes:

  •      Theoretical & practical course of 22 hours.
  •      Accident and RC insurance.
  •      Manual.
  •      Prints and checklist.
  •      Video of the exercises.
  •      Individual Protection Equipment: we provide each student with Helmet, Vest and Communications. It is essential that each student bring their own neoprene wetsuit (recommended 4.3 mm) and their thermal protection complements (gloves, booties or hood).
  •      Certificate of accreditation
  •      Shirt gift from JetGalicia.
  •      Inclusion in the JetGalicia job exchange. Optional practices in giant wave environment.* Special discount per groups.


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If you are interested in the “Rescue with PWC” course, it covers the registration form and we will get in touch to inform you personally of possible dates and how to formalize the registration.

The date is decided by consensus when there are 6 or more students on the waiting list. The location is also decentralized and agreed with the group.

For large groups or customized course formats, do not hesitate to contact us

Phone: +34 647607604


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